We try and use local ingredients where possible, our philosophy is using produce that reflects the season. Our cuisine English with a Mediterranean accent.

Winter Tasting Notes:

With October just behind us and fabulous local partridge, pheasant now in season I’m really looking forward to including them on the menu.
Pheasant is such a delicious meat either roasted or stewed, so come on don’t let them die in vain! Organised pheasant shooting is hugely popular on Exmoor but the result is many birds really do end up buried in the ground, which is crazy when they are so cheap, just a couple of pounds for a bird.
If you would like to buy plucked birds or just the breasts give me a call at the restaurant, it’ll be half the price of a battery reared, chemical and water injected supermarket chicken flown in from Thailand!!!
Can’t wait for the first frosts to hit the fields. All the root veggies love a good frost especially swede which can be very “woody” at the moment. Sprouts are so much tastier after a good frost too so I hope there is a nice cold snap before Christmas. 
Perfect time of the year now for a spot of wild mushroom foraging before the cold weather really sets in. Do not pick and eat any mushrooms that you are not 100% sure about.
Even if you have no idea what your doing, its still brilliant fun finding wild fungi, they really are amazing and with the stunning beech and oak woodlands around us such a great thing to look for out on a walk.

          To Begin              

           Fowey deep water mussels steamed with garlic, cream, white wine and fresh thyme £10.00

                 Pan cooked Exmouth king scallops, black pudding, pear puree and crispy parsnip £15.00    

Pressed ham hock terrine, poached quail’s egg, balsamic steeped button onions and our own spelt bread toast £9.00

Butterflied king prawn tails and avocado salad, pepper, lime and coriander salsa £13.00     

 Cornish line caught squid tossed in gram flour & deep fried, served with oriental noodle and chilli salad £10.00

Baked field mushroom Florentine with spinach, poached Braddock duck egg and a glazed cheese sauce. £9.00


To Follow

Slow braised shin of beef, Jack Daniels & liquorice reduction, horseradish mash & garlic tenderstem. £19.00

      Pan roasted wild halibut steak, Parma ham crisp, Hollandaise sauce, roasted garlic cherry tomatoes & fries £25.00

      Roast free-range chicken breast, wild garlic and woodland mushrooms linguini, parmesan and cream cheese roulade £20.00

Rosemary and garlic lamb rump, dauphinoise potatoes, fine green beans and bacon, redcurrant and mint reduction £22.00

Char grilled Devon red fillet steak, with fries & salad & Isle of Wight blue cheese or peppercorn and brandy sauce £37.00            

        Crispy panko lemon sole fillets, coconut, red pepper & lemongrass sauce, okra & ginger basmati £22.00

Tempura vegetables, garlic basmati, sweet chilli dipping sauce, & an oriental noodle salad £16.00


To Finish

   Honey & raspberry cheesecake, white chocolate pearls and spun sugar £8.00

  Vanilla creme brulee and candied strawberries £8.00

  Hot Belgium chocolate fondant with a molten caramel centre & crème anglaise sauce £8.00

Selection of Granny Gothard’s ice creams with either, warm chocolate sauce or raspberry coulis, and a tuille biscuit £7.50

         Cheese plate of local hard and soft West Country cheeses, toasted homemade walnut bread and Reeves relish £13.00

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We are closed over the Christmas period 23rd-26th Dec